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Here at ReproLogix™ we believe healthy recipients are an integral aspect of any successful reproductive program so purchasing, processing, and providing high quality care for recipients is a crucial aspect of our day to day operations.


ReproLogix™ is pleased to offer our clients three different small ruminant recipient programs to better meet their needs.


Option one is a simple “haul in” program where you, the client, are able to haul your recipients into one of our facilities the day before or day of transfer.


Option two is a recipient housing operation where we handle all recipient programming, set up, and post transfer care for them until confirmed 60 days bred.


Option three is an ordering program where clients are able to place an order and ReproLogix™ will source the recipients and care for them until confirmed 60 days bred.

minimum of 25 recipients needed.

Please contact one of our small ruminant customer service representatives for additional information.


ReproLogix is proud to offer several locations 
that cater to our customers.

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Filling out the information below will allow one of our Customer Service Representatives to contact you in addition to receiving more info via our e-blasts.

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Customer Service Representatives:

Cabel Cox
Small Ruminant CSR

Wesley Murphy
Small Ruminant CSR

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