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Donor Management

Proper care and management of donors is the first step in developing a successful embryo program. Setting up donors for conventional surgical flush or IVF requires a considerable amount of time and attention to detail. Extended periods of travel to the facility can increase the donor’s stress level which can negatively impact their production. With our donor management program, you can leave all of the work to us. This helps conserve your most precious resource, your time. We are equipped with the necessary facilities and highly-skilled personnel to offer our customers this service.


Understanding the Donor Management Program

When a client brings a donor to us, we first perform a physical exam on that donor to evaluate her overall heath, weight, and current reproductive status. Due to the surgical nature of small ruminant procedures, we closely evaluate respiratory health, parasite load, and obesity. These factors, among others, can influence the success of the procedure and also affect the donor’s recovery rate. 


There is a bit of finesse and experience necessary to evaluate a donor and establish the proper superovulatory protocol for her. If the donor is scheduled for conventional surgical flush and embryo transfer, our staff takes care of the necessary superovulatory follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) injections, heat detection, artificial insemination, and flush procedure. For IVF donors, we also handle the hormone injections and setup process that is specialized for each donor. We maintain the females at our facility and aspirate them as frequently as every three weeks.

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