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Donor Management

Proper care and management of donors is the first step in developing a successful embryo program. Setting up donors to flush requires a considerable amount of time and attention to detail. There is also a bit of finesse and experience necessary to evaluate a donor and establish the proper superovulatory protocol for her. For donors in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) program, it may make more sense to board the females at the aspiration facility to cut down on transport time and stress. Fortunately, we are equipped with the facilities and highly-skilled personnel necessary to offer complete management of our customers’ donors.


Understanding the Donor Management Program

When a client brings a donor cow to us, we first conduct a thorough reproductive soundness exam to evaluate her reproductive status and to identify any problems that may prevent her from producing a successful flush or aspiration. (For more details on the reproductive soundness exam, please click here.) The donor is then housed at our facility under the watchful care of our reproduction experts.

If the donor is to be flushed for conventional embryo transfer (ET), our staff takes care of the necessary superovulatory follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) injections, heat detection, artificial insemination, and flush. For IVF donors, we maintain the females at our facility and aspirate them as frequently as every two weeks.


Advantages of the Donor Management Program


Properly managing donors for flushing and transporting donors for aspirations can be incredibly time-consuming and labor intensive. With our donor management program, you can leave all of the work to us. This helps conserve your most precious resource, your time.


Reproduction experts

We would argue that we have assembled the best team of reproduction experts in the industry. Each member of our team thoroughly understands the physiology of bovine reproduction and has the practical experience to boot. They know the importance of proper timing and strict attention to detail when managing donor cattle. Why leave the success of your embryo program to chance when you can leave your donors in the hands of our capable reproduction experts?


Cow care

Not only are we staffed with reproduction specialists, our team members also understand the importance of proper cow care. We know that donors can only perform to their full potential when they receive proper nutrition and handling. Our customers can rest assured that their valuable donors will receive the care and attention they need to help maximize their reproductive potential.

Important Considerations for the Donor Management Program


While we do our absolute best every day to ensure the well-being of our client cattle, donor cows are still cows. That means they are prone to injury and are susceptible to disease just like any other cow. However, should any health or injury issues arise, we maintain a veterinarian on-site and will communicate openly and honestly with the client about the situation.


Interested in leaving your donor cows in the hands of our reproduction experts? We would be honored! Give us a call today and let us put our unbeatable customer service to work for you!

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